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Hair Extensions: A Quick Guide This is a guide for the new trending topic over the net, all about hair extensions. The new look for you is the goal of this guide. If you are clueless about what extensions you should get and what is the best one for you? Are you excited to know? Here is the list of things you should know about getting hair extensions: 1.What is Your Type? Everyone is unique. You should consider your hair texture, length, and which you going for. You just have to choose among this list of hair extension styles for you:
The Art of Mastering Hair
a.I-Tip. It is versatile and long-lasting. The hair is protected by the silicon component. This is popularly known as the ‘Cold Fusion’. The micro bead will attach your hair, strand by strand. It is compressed in with your hair. The free-flowing look it gives is very good for smooth hair. It will give you the best wavy, natural movement. It is good for a ponytail-style hair. It is also good if you want to add highlights on it. Installing this though takes time, so if you plan to do the full head hair extensions please prepare 2 1/2 hours of your time. It is best for 6 to 8 weeks tightening, to redone.
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b.Skin Weft For short or thin hair, this one is for you. It is also quick to install, about 30-40 minutes. c.Keratin or Hot Fusion. This one requires a professional to install and remove it. c.Keratin or Hot Fusion. It naturally protects your hair. It has no heat. And it is advisable for an African-Americans hair. e.Clip-Ins. It is easy to remove and can be reused many times. You can keep it up to a year. 2.How to Install These? a.Step 1: First, you have to do is use a dry shampoo. Go ahead and take some section of your hair. Go ahead and spray the upper section. b.Step 2: The human hair extensions are then prepared. To get more fullness for your hair depending on the texture, approximately estimate how many amounts of hair extensions you are going to use. c.Step 3: Separate your hair by sections. The first target is the bottom part of your hair. Your top hair section are twisted and clipped aside for now. The finest tooth sides of your comb are used to tease the roots. The direction of combing is going upwards. Your bottom hair will then have a ball or cluster of hair at the topmost section of it. d.Step 4: Take the shorter in length extension pieces first. To cover much of the scalp area on top, the longer length extension are used more than the shorter ones. The blending of your hair color is possible too by using a dry shampoo on the attached extension. Just spray a little bit, comb it to blend. Enjoy your new hair extensions. You can blend now.