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What are the Effective Remedies for Flea Attack on Dogs?

The nuisance that fleas on dogs can cause is detestable. Besides causing irritation, fleas can transmit deadly infection to dogs as well as humans. Therefore, if your dog is infested with fleas, you need to take measures against it to forestall a potential health problem within your household. Fortunately, there are numerous remedies that can be applied to your dog to prevent as well as eliminate the flea problem. If any flea treatment causes severe reactions on your pet, be quick to talk to a vet regarding that.

Here are your options for keeping dog flea at bay:

Topical Solutions

Topical medication may applied on the skin of your pet to fight insects like fleas and ticks. These are spot-on treatments with active chemicals capable of killing and repelling the insects. These solutions spread over the skin of your dog, reaching different parts of the boy and settling on the sweat glands of the skin. The active ingredients may be released from the sweat glands over an extended duration, such as several weeks, helping eliminate fleas and prevent future infestation.

Oral Therapies

If you don’t like to use topical treatments for fleas on dogs, you may try oral medication that’s available in abundance. However, keep in mind that some oral medications are not meant to kill adult fleas. For example, oral treatments that contain lufenuron work by inhibiting adult fleas’ capacity to produce eggs, interrupting their lifecycle, and preventing growth of the flea population.

Oral treatments that contain nitenpyram are among remedies that can kill adult fleas. Oral treatments that contain the active ingredient may be given to your dog every day if needed since they have the ability to kill fleas in a few hours, and they don’t remain in the pet’s blood stream for a whole month. This means such remedies are ideal for application on nursing or pregnant pets.

Sprays/ Powders

You may use a spray or powder when you’re after a relatively cheaper way to eradicate a flea infestation on your dog. Usually, the products include pyrethrins, that enhance the ability to eliminate insects such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Certain sprays and powders include chemicals that control the lifecycle of the insect in question, restricting their development into adults, and preventing the expansion of their population.

Sprays can remain effective for a long time, even several months, depending on the product you’re using, provided that the dog’s skin remains dry (lest the chemical is washed off).

If looking for reliable flea treatment for dogs, your options are unlimited. But if doubtful about the safety of a product for you and your pet, consult a vet first.
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