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Benefits of Choosing a Mobile Field Shelter

A field shelter, as the term suggests is a standalone building that’s used for animals when they’re out in the field. The two main functions of this kind of shelter is to provide protection for the animals against the weather and extreme conditions outside and to have a decent place to sleep and eat. Although it is quite similar in its looks and function to that of a barn or horse stable, there actually are some notable differences.

In a broad perspective, a field shelter can be categorized in two different designs; the first one is static while the second is mobile. The traditional and older version is the static field shelter, and based on its name, it stays in the same place or area for all its existence. As such, it is not the right choice if what you’re after in a field shelter is something that is flexible in terms of field rotation.

So obviously the most preferred type nowadays is the mobile field shelter. Thanks to the latest innovations in building structures, mobile field shelters have become more of a staple for many people who raise animals.
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1 – Building a mobile field shelter does not require planning permission.
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It’s no secret that one of the reasons why stable or horse owners no longer want to stick with traditional field shelters is because it’s way too inconvenient to furnish a planning permission. The concept of a planning permission is that if the field shelter is built with ground works and there are no other features that allow it to be movable, then it means the owner will need a permission before the building is started.

Now in order to avoid having to spend time and money securing that permit, most stable owners ultimately decide to go for a mobile field shelter instead because it is exempted from the planning permission.

2 – A mobile field shelter is clearly a lot more flexible when it comes to changing locations.

What’s even more remarkable about a mobile field shelter aside from the legal benefit mentioned above is the fact that it is more flexible. Since it literally is on skids, it means that the entire structure can conveniently be moved to other locations in the field. This is really a handy feature because when the weather or temperature no longer favors its original location, you can move it. One example is when you need to move the shelter from one place to another in order to avoid mud or water buildup in the area where it is originally situated during the rainy or snowy season.

With a mobile field shelter, you definitely are going to reap the benefits of convenience and mobility without having to spend thousands of dollars. Though you want to make sure you’re building a mobile field shelter with the best possible materials out there in order to guarantee durability and longevity.